2010 Job Board Future survey results

The Job Board Doctor, a provider of job board consulting and marketing, has released the results of its annual Job Board Future survey. Key findings include the number one problem currently plaguing job boards and which social media sites rank the highest for recruiters.

The 2010 Job Board Future survey was conducted to better-understand why job seekers, recruiters, and HR professionals use job boards, and how they view them in conjunction with other recruiting platforms. Job board operators were also surveyed to get their viewpoints on where the job board industry is going.

The responses were divided into three groups: Job seekers, Job board operators and employees, and HR and recruiting professionals. There were a total of 275 responses.

Out of all the methods of job search the participants were offered in the survey, over 78% of job seekers say they rely on referrals to acquire a job. Approximately 78% also selected career sites as their top pick for job search methods. Social media sites, general job boards, and professional networks ranked third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Out of the people who selected job boards as their main method of search, 74% said they typically apply on three job boards or more.

When choosing which factors influence their selection of job boards, over 77% of participants ranked ease of use as the most compelling reason. Profession or industry focus came in second with 73% of votes. Advertising and how long the job board has been around came in last.

Other key findings of the survey include:

  • LinkedIn and Twitter are the primary social media channels for recruiting
  • Planning recruitment spending is static for job boards and going up for social media and referral programs
  • Job boards continue to see the recession as problem #1 for their business
  • Most job boards are planning to add new social media features in the next year
  • Less than 7% of HR or recruiting professionals have purchased .jobs domains for their organization
  • Most job seekers are using job boards to locate jobs, then apply for them (either on the company site or job board)
  • The biggest challenge for HR and recruiting professionals in meeting hiring goals is a lack of qualified applicants

The survey was conducted by the Job Board Doctor during August and September 2010.


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