A new people finder launches, a service that enables people to search databases for public records, directories, phone numbers, addresses, images, email addresses and more, has launched today.

LookUp incorporates a real-time people search function with databases rich in potential job seeker information. In addition to public directories, recruiters can search for information on social media sites like Facebook and MySpace.

According to a press release,’s people search can provide more relevancy than traditional white pages or general purpose search engines because the search experience is optimized for people search.

The people search function incorporates algorithms for matching names and information across a variety of databases in order to produce more accurate results than general searches.

LookUp has already launched in 160 countries. The company did not mention additional expansion plans or if it has acquired funding. competitor Inflection, Inc. just announced it secured a $30 million round of financing from Matrix Partners and Sutter Hill Ventures to help build out its new people search engine,

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