Blog, a niche healthcare and medical job board, announced yesterday via a posting on LinkedIn’s eQuest community board that it will be closing down.

The job board’s founder, Ken Levinson, said in a letter, “The decision has regretfully been made that starting Tuesday May 17, 2011, CJ Ventures, Inc. will cease providing services. After starting this company in 1996, and putting my heart and soul into it for all of these years, along with many members of our team, this is heartbreaking to me, and I am so sorry to have to announce this news.”

The news comes after AbsolutelyHealthcare was named a top job board by WEDDLE’s, a publisher of print guides to job boards, in its 2011 User’s Choice Award.

Levinson cites a number of reasons for the closure, including the recession, a ripple effect that caused the shutdown of several vital clients, and a failure on the part of companies to pay invoices in a timely manner, if at all.

After this string of events, Levinson writes that revenues plunged 50% in 2011 and 2010 versus 2009.

“Due quite a bit to the candidate sourcing side of our company, which was much more labor intensive than the job board side of our company, we just could not lower our expenses enough to offset this. We were hopeful that things would improve in 2011, but they just haven’t,” he continued.

Levinson concluded that he is looking for ways to “lessen the blow” for clients, but did not specify what he meant by that.

Absolutely Health Care claimed to be the largest niche job board for US health care and medical jobs, with over 300,000 posted jobs and over 350,000 posted resumes.

UPDATE: Levinson wrote to ONR with some follow-up news: “After an overwhelming outpouring of support from our clients, we are working to sell Absolutely Health Care, so it will remain an outstanding resource for health care recruitment. We have 15-20 companies we’re talking with, so we expect news very soon. If you check, you’ll see that Absolutely Health Care is still alive on the web.”


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