Avature partners with Monster

Avature, a recruiting CRM solution provider, today announced a partnership with job board The collaboration will enable Avature customers to use ‘Real Time Posting Tools’ to post positions and manage applicant data.

Customers will be able to post jobs from their Avature CRM system to Monster in real time.

In addition, Avature will utilize some of Monster’s integration components, allowing organizations to view inventory without leaving their Avature CRM system.

Avature CRM combines Journaling, Tagging, On-line Surveys, Web Portals, Dashboards, SMS Communication and other Web 2.0 features with a campaign workflow engine and resume management system for recruiters focused on sourcing and networking from the Internet.

“Monster’s global network is critical to our customers sourcing programs,” explained Dimitri Boylan, CEO of Avature, “Real-time job posting insures that our clients can easily create and optimize their recruitment advertising campaigns worldwide.”


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