Bernard Hodes Group introduces Social Job Matcher

Bernard Hodes Group, a provider of integrated talent solutions, has launched Social Job Matcher, a careers website plug-in that allows candidates to log in via their social media profiles.

Bernard Hodes Group is calling the plug-in an “efficient, personalized, and instantly relevant experience for candidates via profile data already stored in their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.”

Social Job Matcher can be integrated into any career site and pulls information from social sites Facebook and LinkedIn. The plug-in features can be customized to fit into the design and brand of a company’s website, and metrics are currently tracked through Google analytics.

Job seekers who log in through this method can now receive personalized job recommendations for themselves that they can share with their network of connections.

“Our goal in developing this product was to help candidates easily find and share the right positions by leveraging the rich information in their social profiles,” said Kane Cochran, director of digital innovation and mobile at Bernard Hodes Group. “The personalization this plug-in allows for is unmatched to other similar applications because it pulls pertinent work and education experience from users’ existing social profiles and automatically matches those skills to the appropriate job opportunities, while keeping all job suggestions as private correspondences.”

“Candidates increasingly rely on their social networks to research employers and career opportunities. As evidenced by Hodes’ latest social media research, companies have an amazing opportunity to help candidates make better decisions about job and culture fit by intelligently leveraging the wealth of data available on the social web,” said Shannon Seery Gude, vice president of digital and social strategy at Bernard Hodes Group. “The¬†plug-in¬†allows candidates to not only match their experiences to job opportunities, but potentially tap into a myriad of referrals by virtue of only one social login.”


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