BountyJobs, an online marketplace that connects corporate recruiters with headhunters, is promoting a new white paper that discusses how eliminating the negotiations over fees between recruiter and company can improve how recruiters manage their workflow.

The executive brief, called “Improving the Recruiter-Headhunter Relationship: Look Ma, No More Haggling Over Fees!” explains why a marketplace that takes fees out of the equation can amend the quality of the conversation between headhunters and corporate recruiters.

According to the paper, an efficient recruiter-headhunter marketplace works in large part by putting fees in perspective, helping to determine fees that are just right, and lowering the total cost of recruiting.

The paper makes the point that a transparent recruiting marketplace lets corporate recruiters “state the fee offered for each requisition upfront and replaces myths and vague generalizations about ‘market rates’ with real data about fees paid for headhunters to fill specific roles in particular industries and locations.”

“We’re at a point in which the arguments around fees in the recruiting industry can simply go away,” said BountyJobs CEO Mike Hard. “Corporate recruiters are sick of haggling over rates, and nobody wins when employers choose headhunters based on who accepts the lowest fee. It’s time for headhunters to compete openly and transparently using criteria that really matter.”

BountyJobs claims to be the preferred contingent search solution for more than one third of the Fortune 500. Its marketplace features more than 10,000 approved headhunters.

The paper is available for free here.


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