BraveNewTalent launches on Facebook

BraveNewTalent, a social networking platform that enables job seekers to take control of their own career search, went live today on Facebook as a new application.

BraveNewTalent is calling itself the first “purely candidate driven recruitment site.” The London-based company, headed by CEO Lucian Tarnowski, has been focused on building an impressive roster of companies as clients, as opposed to raising venture capital and spending money and time attracting job seekers.

The app works by enabling Facebook members to build a sanitized professional profile that has been scrubbed of embarrassing photos and conversations. Instead, employers only see what job seekers want them to see, including work experience, current employer, and education.

The app also allows users to get work stats on their friends and job recommendations based on their profiles.

According to an article on TechCrunch Europe, BraveNewTalent’s view is that allowing people to follow companies in a social manner allows the companies to hire from a warm pipeline of people who have opted to follow them, rather than the mass market. Their long term goal is also to allow employers to passively train that potential talent in advance of them even applying for a job.

Popular employers already using the service include Google, Apple, Unilever, the BBC, and Deloitte.

Other features include:

• Share jobs with friends: Any Facebook user is able to share job opportunities with their friends and invite others to come join their network so they can share jobs too

• Search for jobs: Users can browse for job opportunities, linking them directly to the posting, either on BraveNewTalent or straight to the source

• Professional profiles: Users can manage their professional information and how they are presented through their online profile on, keeping their professional and personal lives apart.


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