Bullhorn, a provider of online staffing and recruiting software, announced today it is integrating with Jobaline, which implements recruiter productivity technology.

The two will be aligning to to increase recruiter productivity by reducing time spent screening resumes and improving the quality of their candidate pool.

Jobaline is software that is intended to save a recruiter time while he or she is sifting through resumes. Features like ‘Instant Impression’ gives a brief snapshot of how the candidate matches up to a job by parsing out key words from their resume.

Additionally, the candidate’s work experience is shown in a “cloud tag” form, where bigger font means longer time in the role or company.

In Jobaline, candidates essentially prequalify themselves, and an instant impression of job fit, aptitude and personality is created without requiring the recruiter to read the entire resume.

The Jobaline application is now available in the Bullhorn Marketplace, a destination that gives staffing and recruiting agencies access to software applications and services.

“With this integration, Bullhorn customers can now harness the power of Jobaline from directly within the Bullhorn application,” said Miki Mullor, co-founder and CEO of Jobaline, “Jobaline is a perfect fit with the existing Bullhorn user experience and a valuable productivity booster for staffing and recruiting firms.”

“Jobaline modernizes the application process to match a 21st century communication style while encouraging active candidate participation,” said David Beaver, Director of Alliances of Bullhorn. “We are thrilled to offer our customers significant value in candidate acquisition and qualification through this intuitive, easy-to-use application.”


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