Bullhorn debuts recruitment texting application

Bullhorn, a provider of online staffing and recruiting agency software, announced today it is launching a recruiting-based SMS service in the United States and Australia in partnership with Dialogue Communications, a specialist in mobile messaging and billing solutions.

SMS for Bullhorn is an SMS messaging app that integrates with Bullhorn front office recruitment software. It allows recruiters to communicate via SMS with candidates and contacts.

Bullhorn had already launched the service in the U.K., and after a period of recorded success, decided to introduce it in the US and Australian markets.

Candidates will have access to employment opportunities via their cell phone, while recruiters can send and receive messages within a simple user interface.

“In today’s fiercely competitive job market, literally every second counts when job vacancies arise. SMS for Bullhorn provides an easy-to-use mobile solution that saves us time, making our hectic work day that much easier,” said David Robinson, Commercial Director at C&M Travel Recruitment in the UK. “Through real-time, two-way communication, we are first to reach the best candidates for our clients, leading to quicker placements and improving our overall performance.”

“The working world’s ever-increasing mobility requires recruiting solutions that can utilize the ease and speed of texting,” said David Beaver, Director of Alliances and Business Development at Bullhorn. “Dialogue’s SMS for Bullhorn application delivers that solution. As we continue to expand Bullhorn’s mobile offerings, we are thrilled to partner with the leading mobile messaging specialist and provide our customers with this unparalleled SMS experience.”


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