Bullhorn launches social media tool for staffing agencies

Bullhorn, a provider of staffing and recruiting software, announced on Friday that it is introducing Bullhorn Reach, a service to help staffing and recruiting agencies use social media and search engines to connect with potential candidates and hiring managers.

Bullhorn Reach enables recruiters to push out new jobs, new placements, and industry insights through social media channels. It shares them through the major social media networks and search engines including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A press release describing the platform says that through these sharing functions, recruiters can improve search engine placement, attract new contacts, and keep users top of mind with prospective candidates and clients.

“Social media and search are transforming how people find and engage with businesses and service providers. To continue thriving, recruiters must adopt these new channels,” said Art Papas, Bullhorn’s founder and CEO. “That’s where Bullhorn Reach comes in. Instead of struggling to master the intricacies of multiple networks and search engine optimization, recruiting agencies can simplify information sharing and leverage built-in best practices to ensure effectiveness.”

The Bullhorn Reach, now in beta, will be offered to a select number of staffing and recruiting agency professionals through the fall, followed by a commercial release this winter.

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