Cadre of employers rally around .Jobs Universe

Over 500 large U.S. employers have pledged their support and participation in the .jobs initiative spearheaded by the DirectEmployers Association and under the leadership of Bill Warren, Executive Director.

The .JOBS Universe, formed by the relaxation of rules governing how the .jobs top level domain is distributed, is comprised of thousands of geographic, industry, and occupational web sites ending in the .JOBS suffix.  Examples of web sites in the .JOBS Universe include, and

The platform will enable all companies to list jobs free of charge and upload new listings on a daily basis. For example, an IBM listing for an engineering job in New York will be distributed to relevant websites, such as and

The number of live .jobs domains continues to expand. According to a press release, forty thousand of the .JOBS domains, including 126 international locations, will be functioning in January with tens of thousands more planned by the end of the year.

Warren said, “The very largest of employers in the world have pooled their resources to build this recruitment vertical.  They want greater efficiencies from the Internet and are taking matters into their own hands to invest in the outcome. With the recent advances in cloud computing, the scalability of the .JOBS Universe is off the charts.  The potential for cost savings is natural, real and sustainable as well as available free of charge to every employer worldwide regardless of industry or size.”

Warren continued, “Building out the .JOBS TLD, owned and managed by employers through a non-profit association, is revolutionary for the Internet and a gigantic step for both employers and job seekers. It provides employers low-cost advertising and branding opportunities while reducing recruiting costs. It also provides job seekers a direct connection to employers and a trusted, reliable source on the Internet to locate employment opportunities.”

Features in the .jobs universe include integration with social media, the ability for job seekers to build their own profiles and establish connections, find and follow companies and recruiters, and mobile optimization.

  • Eric Shannon January 19, 2011, 3:53 pm

    there is an interesting post over at CircleID about this in connection with the new tlds:

  • Robert January 20, 2011, 2:50 am

    They can make all the .job sites they want. It still won’t tap into the valuable passive job seekers (people working) that hiring managers really want and who never step foot on a job site. For trades and labor jobs, this may have a future, but not for any companies that require more skilled and highly experienced people. No offense if you’re not working, but unemployed job seekers are often not the candidates managers want. There are several reasons for this. I’m basing that on many years of working in HR, recruiting, and with hiring managers. Anyway, it seems like this is a lot effort for the minimal results it has and will continue to produce.


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