CareerBuilder posts big numbers in January

In January job board Careerbuilder achieved a milestone by marking more than 25.7 million unique visitors, the highest in the industry, according to comScore Media Metrix data.

CareerBuilder also secured the lead in comScore’s Job Search subcategory, posting gains over rivals and other large job boards.

According to a press release, the record traffic performance in January is reflective of a unique business strategy that is further expanding CareerBuilder’s leadership position in the online recruitment industry.

CareerBuilder said that with this new momentum, the job board will continue to develop online co-brand partnerships around the world to extend the company’s reach and establish more connection points for employers and job seekers.

In the release, the job board also discloses its North American revenue, saying it made “$556 million in 2010, up 3 percent from 2009, compared to a 2 percent decline in organic revenue for its largest competitor.” In addition, CareerBuilder says it passed its largest competitor in North American network revenue in 2006 and the company “continues to widen the revenue gap.”

“CareerBuilder has increased our market share each year for the last six years because we invest heavily in high-quality traffic generation and product development that is impactful for clients,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “We have a diverse portfolio of services that extend beyond traditional online recruitment and support evolving needs within the human capital space. We’re excited about the growth opportunities for our business in 2011 both domestically and globally.”


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