CareerBuilder quietly shuts down BrightFuse

CareerBuilder has shuttered BrightFuse, which was once a free talent community where people shared tips and ideas to advance their careers.

The job board shut down the professional networking site last November without any fanfare.

Allison Nawoj, a spokesperson for CareerBuilder, told OnlineRecruitingNews that although the site and its contents have vanished, CareerBuilder has learned from the experience and will build on the site’s vestiges.

“Brightfuse was helpful in understanding and learning more about user behavior on social sites and creating best practices for engagement,” Nawoj said. “We are investing these learnings in other social media opportunities to support job seekers and employers.”

CareerBuilder launched BrightFuse back in August 2009. The site was often compared to LinkedIn because of similar features. Users could highlight their talent through customizable profiles to reflect backgrounds, skills and specialties. In addition to basic personal and professional information, workers could add recommendations from contacts, community activities, Twitter updates, RSS feeds to a blog or Web site.

The BrightFuse URL now redirects to a site called The Work Buzz, a community for  CareerBuilder job seekers. The site is chock-ful of articles from mainly professional writers for CareerBuilder.

But it remains to be seen whether The Work Buzz might follow in the footsteps of its doomed predecessor. According to its Twitter and Facebook page, the The Work Buzz accounts are closing and will be merged with the main CareerBuilder portal.

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  • Kate Lorenz January 18, 2011, 4:04 pm

    Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for catching that’s Twitter account link was pointing to our old handle. We actually recently decided to combine accounts to make it easier for our job seekers so we are now focused on communicating via @CareerBuilder.

    Contrary to your report, however, isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Media Metrix reports it had about 1.2 million unique visitors in December and more than 9.2 million unique visitors in all of 2010. We’re extremely excited for 2011 and the topics we plan to cover for our readers. Thanks for reading!

    Kate Lorenz
    Editorial Director, CareerBuilder


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