A short conversation with online recruiting veteran Chris Russell about the recent launch of his mobile recruiting app JobSpeek:

What inspired you to launch

Mobile is coming and recruiters are going to need solutions to help them recruit on the go. As an avid iPhone user I have always been fascinated with the smartphone and its potential use for job hunting. Someone once called me the ‘mad scientist of online recruiting’ so I’m just trying to live up to expectations.

What does it do for for job seekers/recruiters that’s new?

For recruiters its the first app that lets you post a job. In addition they can add a picture and 60 seconds of audio, aka the Hiring message, where they can make the job more personal and speak to job seekers in their own voice. For job seekers its a new way to interact with a job description that doesn’t bore them to death.

When did you launch the business and why?

JobSpeek had a “soft” launch in May with a few test users.

You’ve been in the job board business for a while, a long while – why do you think you succeeded when so many others failed early or failed during the last couple years of recession?

One reason is timing. I spotted a trend and got in early. The other is staying relatively small and making sure my clients knew my name and were happy with the service my sites were providing.

What questions do you ask yourself that help guide your choices about what directions to pursue or avoid in business?

Can it make money? Will people use it? and most importantly is it different?

Who do you consider to be your competitors?

In the local job board space pretty much any other local site plus Craigslist, Monster, etc. In mobile, there aren’t many yet.

What do you hate about the online recruiting industry?

I hate bad job descriptions, employers that ignore job seekers, and anyone company that doesn’t realize recruiting people is still a very human process. I also hate job seekers that don’t follow directions.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I love helping connect job seekers with the employers that want them. That has always been at the core of my mission and my sites.

Has anything you’ve tried failed?

I’ve tried lots of different job board solutions over the years. But although not all of them took off. I learned something about each one. That knowledge is priceless.

What industry changes do you see coming?

Social media is all the rage and is another piece of the recruiting pie. But most companies still dont use it properly. Mobile apps will be big. Building community as part of a job board is also more important these days.

What websites do you visit everyday besides your own?

LinkedIn, Facebook, BusinessInsider, HuffPost, ERE, Recruitingblogs and Job Boarders.

What advice would you give an aspiring Internet entrepreneur?

Find a niche you can crack. Be different.

There’s a lot of talk about the decline of education in this country.  What have you noticed that they don’t teach in school that you look for when you’re recruiting?

The one thing I hear most especially about new grads is their lack of communication skills. Talking to people in the age of texting is a lost art!

I’ve seen you launch new projects at a fast clip Chris, are you working on anything else new?

Check out

Thanks for your time Chris good luck with JobSpeek!


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