RescueTime, a web-based time management tool that lets users monitor the time they spend on the Web, is now offering a couple of new tools for the job space, the company announced yesterday via Techcrunch.

One of the tools, RescueTime Introductions, claims to ‘introduce great people to great companies.’ When a candidate wants to create a profile using RescueTime, the site will automatically build the profile for them based on how the candidate works.

Techcrunch reports that instead of promising recruiters that it can find a candidate that is 100 percent perfect for a job, RescueTime Introductions narrows candidates down based on the right “cultural fit” and vouches for a candidate’s skill set. Then the company can decide whether or not to proceed into the interview phase.

RescueTime Co-founders Tony Wright and Brian Fioca said they came up with the idea, coined the “Carfax report for job candidates,” because their friends at other Y Combinator companies and startups were continually asking them to recommend good programmers.

Fioca said he decided to then implement RescueTime’s own hiring process on a larger scale to benefit other companies.

RescueTime works by using machine learning and pattern matching techniques to find matches between companies and employees based on archetypes. In other words, as Techcrunch put it, people are matched to companies based on the ratio of time spent in productive categories, tools used, industry websites visited, research done, etc.

This is not first time the RescueTime founders have entered into the job space. In 2006, Fioca and Wright sold Jobby, their two-month-old startup, to Jobster.

Jobby culled information directly from job seekers to help recruiters filter through job qualifications by offering a tagging and tag filtering approach.


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