Craigslist unveils a ‘newer’ layout

Recruiters, hold on to your hats. Craiglist, often considered the dinosaur of the recruiting industry because of its refusal to update or upgrade its interface, has quietly launched a slightly improved design.

Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington blogged about the changes today, writing, “They say nothing is certain except death and taxes. And, maybe, you could be certain that no matter how many design fads come and go on the Internet, Craigslist would pretty much look the same as Craigslist has always looked. Designer types get downright pissy that the site’s design has stayed static…but parts of Craigslist are now sporting a somewhat updated design.”

The changes are mainly affecting many of the smaller city sites and include removal of the boxes around the left navigation bar items and bigger main section headers.

The most lauded change affects the right sidebar, which now defaults to show other cities close to your current site. In the old design, you had to click on your state or country and then select the appropriate area. The change saves you several extra clicks, which can be a big time-saver for recruiters.

In addition, the right side bar lets you toggle to see other cities, countries or places worldwide instead of defaulting to the cities near you.

While these changes won’t make a huge difference, they do come as a surprise, since Craigslist has steadfastly refused to augment virtually anything on their site. Not that this has hurt the classified giant. According to Comscore, Craigslist got 50 million unique visitors a month and 13.4 billion page views. They’re also making millions a year on a cheap pay-per-post model that applies to the job category.

Click here to check out pictures of the new (albeit minimal) changes.

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  • Eric Shannon August 12, 2010, 4:40 pm

    hmmm, I’m a big craigslist fan, but those changes are not impressive. looks like a step backwards to me…

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