EmployeeScreenIQ partners with eScreen

EmployeeScreenIQ, a provider of employment screening, today announced a partnership with eScreen, a provider of employment screening technology and Web-based applications, to offer clients a web-based drug testing solution.

The solution will eliminate chain-of-custody paperwork, enable online scheduling and provide real-time analysis and reporting.

The solution, which is pre-integrated and fully automated, curbs turnaround times and ensures confidential web reporting.

A form is created electronically at the collection location. Once an employee completes their test, results can be obtained within 15 minutes if the results are negative, as opposed to the traditional lab-based model timeframe of 24-48 hours.

A national network of over 2,300 occupational health clinics collect and analyze samples and report five-panel results using eScreen’s proprietary eCup™ and eReader™ drugs of abuse screening technology.

“This partnership with eScreen not only provides our customers with significant cost savings, but it also streamlines the recruiting and staffing processes by making the background screening experience significantly more efficient,” said Nick Fishman, chief marketing officer for EmployeeScreenIQ. “By including a completely paperless chain-of-custody drug testing solution, our customers now have an easy and affordable way to purchase tests online.”


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