Entreave secures funding for match-making platform

Entreave, an Austin-based startup that connects talent with recruiters and companies, announced today that it has secured an undisclosed amount of funding to continue building and improving upon its match-making services.

Entreave, founded by two former University of Texas alumni, is in the process of developing a high-tech proprietary platform that will enable recruiters to connect with candidates in a more efficient manner.

Vamsi Mohun, founder, said, “Our match-making application can save companies a lot of time and money spent on the initial screening process. The application will match their job postings with only qualified and relevant candidates which will enable them to perform faster hiring.”

In addition, the company has built a plug-in widget that acts as a hiring solutions tool for professionals and businesses. Members can apply to or post jobs using a version of Entreave’s application that is embedded within the association’s website.

“Our partner-plugin widget is a win-win strategy which on one hand allows associations to be more resourceful for its members, and on the other, allows us to expand our reach to customers,” says John Gardner, co-founder of Entreave.

It is also creating an information portal so professionals can network and exchange contact information. The portal is designed to serve as a one stop resource to find events, blogs, forums, jobs, and members of an industry.


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