Only the best of the best need apply, said Executive Networks in a news release when discussing its newly-launched Global Sourcing and Recruiting Network.

The creator of peer networks for senior corporate leaders announced today it has launched the network to connect executives in charge of sourcing and recruiting at the world’s largest companies.

The exclusivity of the site appears to ensure content remains private and membership limited to avoid saturation.

Those accepted into the network can share new ideas, advice, practical materials, tools, and key insights into emerging trends in the field.

“More and more companies now look to sourcing and recruiting for competitive advantage,” said Michael Dulworth, CEO of Executive Networks. “Executives in charge of sourcing and recruiting need fast access to reliable information – as well as tailored, concierge services addressing their specific needs. We call that combination real time business intelligence – and GSRN delivers that for peer executives.”

Executives at companies with $15 billion or more are eligible to apply. According to the release, members have access to two member immersions per year that function as venues for dialogue and knowledge-sharing; online peer networking through Executive Networks advanced member site; and a concierge service designed to maximize member support and cater to individual member needs.

The concierge service involves a Community Connections Director (CCD), who partners with members to customize the network experience to their specific needs. The CCD will learn about a member’s hot button issues and critical needs. The CCD will then focus all assets on connecting individual members to resources, people and knowledge that can help address these challenges.

One recruiter working at a company that’s become a household name is voicing her support for the network.

“GSRN provides access to cutting edge ideas and great people,” said Jeanne Fedoryk, Vice President, Global Recruitment & Talent Acquisition at Johnson & Johnson. “I am very happy to have access to this group.”

Other representative companies in the network include the Walt Disney Company, Novartis International, Royal Bank of Scotland, MetLife, Ingersoll Rand, and Cargill.


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