Former actress launches job board

Michelle Dyer, a former actress-turned-hedge fund employee, has this week launched a new job board called

Dyer, who calls her job board “innovative,” says the meat of the job site consists of temporary job advertisements for actors. Dyer has partnered with JobTarget to launch the site.

“Survival Jobs,” according to a press release, are part time or temporary jobs actors take to help pay the rent, but which allow them the flexibility they need to audition. listings lean toward job functions in non-traditional jobs like catering and promotional work – opportunities with flexible hours that lets performers earn a living and leaves them time to pursue goals in their main profession.

“I remember sitting on the floor of an audition asking friends for temp agency recommendations – I thought there had to be a better way. That night I went home and searched the internet, but couldn’t find a resource specifically for survival Jobs, so I created one,” says Dyer. affiliation with JobTarget brings advanced features to the board, such as job alerts and confidential resume posting. Actors can create up to five different resumes, based on their various skill sets. Employers can search the resume database for potential employees or simply post a job opportunity on the board


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