Former Monster exec launches online pet memorial site

Sam Tharp, the former VP of eCommerce for job board, announced today he has launched a site called Petrib, which is a place where pet owners can gather to commemorate the loss of their pets.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, or other animal companion, pet owners can find support and guidance for dealing with the death of their pets.

The site, currently in beta, offers free tribute pages, community support forums and local pet funeral company listings.

“There are over 71 million households with pets in the U.S. Pets are literally part of our families, either playing with the kids, or playing the role of kids in homes without children,” said Sam Tharp, Founder and CEO of “We created as a dignified place to gather, mourn and pay tribute when a beloved pet has died. It’s free, it’s user-friendly and it helps people through an emotionally challenging time.”

Tharp said in a press release that starting the company was a natural progression considering the lucrative pet market. While the overall $45.5 billion pet industry grew 5% in 2009, despite recessionary pressures, the demand for pet funeral services is “skyrocketing”, according to the report State of the Industry: Funeral and Cremation Services and Supplies, U.S., from Sundale Research, an independent market research firm.

Tharp formerly held senior management positions with global companies, such as, America Online, Inc., Dell Computer Corporation and Time Warner, Inc. Tharp holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and English from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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  • Sam January 6, 2011, 8:35 pm

    🙂 I’m sure the world of online recruitment was anxious to know what I’ve been up to. Thanks for the extra publicity!


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