Heavy equipment jobs increase, according to Indeed

Heavy equipment jobs are on the rise, according to new data from and a heavy equipment training company in Florida called National Training Inc.

Indeed reported a a 73 percent rise from last year on transportation jobs that included about 20,000 new jobs during the months of April, May, and June.

National Training said this is great news for the heavy equipment job industry – not only for the heavy equipment operators but also for the heavy equipment operators schools that provide the training.

Based on studies and reports from various heavy equipment companies, the increase of demand for heavy equipment jobs comes from a variety of factors involving the economy and business trends. Many business industries require the help of heavy equipment operators, including the sectors for construction, military, mining, and other businesses like drilling, digging, truck driving, stocking, crane operation, warehousing, and other freight or dirt handling tasks.

Factors within the heavy equipment job industry are leading to job opportunities, such as changes to some rules and regulations governing the industry standards, including those that measure the carrier and driver safety included in the 2010 CSA (Comprehensive Safety Analysis); some small companies closing down; and the aging of existing heavy equipment operators, which leads to a high rate of retirement in the industry at more than 30 percent within ten years.

National Training also points out potential career advancement. A rep says, “Existing heavy equipment operators have a bright future ahead of them. They can enhance their skills by further heavy equipment training – a way to keep up-to-date information on the changes in the industry or learn more on the new and more advanced heavy equipments. Getting advanced skills can lead to higher positions such as a Construction Foreman position that earns $40,879 – $66,982 or better yet to a Construction Project Manager that earns $54,011 – $92,653.”

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