Hiring Box now found in your own home

Hiring Box, the company that set up kiosks in the Miami area for local job seekers to find opportunities, said today it’s starting a YouTube channel so people can access the same postings at home.

This dedicated job advertisement channel enables candidates to view postings on a computer or mobile device.

According to a news release, subscribers can see the top job postings from Hiring Box each week, in addition to the thousands of jobs updated each day and available online or at any of the 120 Hiring Box kiosks located throughout Miami and Broward County.

The jobs are mainly aimed at entry-level job seekers and are free to view.

Hiring Box kiosks were developed for individuals who may not have access to the internet. Using a touch screen display, candidates can click through jobs from a variety of professions in all areas of Miami and Broward.

Job seekers are provided with a free print out and contact information to take with them.

Hiring Box says on its site that the company’s growth is “limitless,” and “this is just the beginning.” In the very near future HiringBox plans to expand in different cities and states, with the objective of “Helping everyone in America Find a Job.”


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