Need to land a high-paying job fast? No problem, according to TheLadders, a recruitment solution for professional talent ($100K+). Give them half a year, and they’ll nab you a six-figure job, guaranteed.

The job site announced today a new product called Signature, a six-month program that promises to help $100K+ professionals find the next step in their career.

Signature is a multi-pronged job search approach that involves an aggressive combination of personalized career coaching, advanced interview training, a professionally rewritten cover letter and resume, and weekly sessions with a certified Career Advisor.

If the job seeker participates in all facets of the program and still hasn’t found gainful employment, TheLadders says it will happily refund the $2,495 the job seeker ponied up.

“It quickly became clear that our people and our collective knowledge could make a significant difference in the outcomes of our customers’ job searches,” says Marc Cenedella, Founder and CEO of “The tremendous success of the Signature beta program shows that we’ve developed a highly valuable and tested tool for those looking to land their next $100k+ job; so much so that we are guaranteeing it.”

TheLadders claims that out of the hundreds of people that took part in the beta kickoff, 90 percent received job offers in six months.


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