The controversial and highly debated project has launched, and now hundreds of both geographical and vocational .jobs domains are live, according to

The .jobs domains are offered to registrants as a service of the DirectEmployers Association’s National Labor Exchange.

County, state, and industry domains are now live or getting resolved. The site appears to be serving as a umbrella for other niche domains. For example, redirects you to

Visiting will pull up a several companies and job listings around the US, all listed under the new tag line, “Internet Recruiting is under new management – yours!”

Kevin Murphy, who writes for, presents the question weighing on many job board owners’ minds: “Is this legit, and who owns the domains?”

Employ Media, the licensed operator of the .jobs domain, won battles with ICANN and .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition to be able to relax restrictions on the use and registration of the top level domain name.

But Murphy writes some still argued that despite the relaxation of the string restrictions, “employer-independent jobs sites such as would still be verboten under Employ Media’s charter.”

So who owns the domains? After some digging, Murphy was able to ascertain that DirectEmployers owns some older domains, such as and But a search to find out who owns the geographical .jobs names came up empty-handed.

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  • Stephen Collins January 13, 2011, 3:13 pm

    Stupid idea. Just trying to make more money like the yellow pages.
    Totally not necessary with the technology available today.
    .jobs should be tossed out like yesterday’s garbage!


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