iCIMS launches partnership with Jobmagic

iCIMS, a provider of Software-as-a-Service talent acquisition solutions, announced today it is partnering with Jobmagic, a company focused on social recruiting, in order to enhance its candidate management solution.

iCIMS customers can now engage and recruit candidates through integration with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networking platforms.

Features include social media optimized job postings, career videos to maximize company brand, fully automated scheduler, a branded microsite with advanced search capabilities, and referral recruiting via recruiter and enterprise applications.

“iCIMS’ partnership with Jobmagic is tremendous and marks the evolution of iCIMS’ Candidate Management offering,” said iCIMS’ Chief Strategic Officer Susan Vitale. “We’re thrilled to provide our customer base with the opportunity to accelerate their candidate management practices with social media tools that have the ability to take HR programs to the next level and improve bottom line ROI.”

“Social media has opened the way for companies to recruit unique talent at lower cost per hire,” said Jindrich Liska, chief executive officer of Jobmagic. “Partnering with iCIMS gives customers the competitive advantage of recruiting high quality talent fast.”


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