Indeed surpasses Monster in traffic

For the first time, job search engine ranked higher in terms of traffic from unique visitors than job board giant

In October, Indeed’s UV traffic inched past Monster’s and boosted the job search engine to the top of the traffic rankings for all job boards.

comScore posted these numbers after comparing traffic from four major job sites: 12.3 million people visited Indeed in October, up 19.6 percent. brought in 12.1 million people, and came in third with 11.3 million job seekers.

The numbers do not take into account each property’s larger networks, so when factoring other sites in, these numbers could change substantially. But even without the addition of other properties, an article on Techcrunch calls Indeed’s victory “a turning point for leadership of the online job search category.”

Indeed has taken the lead in pageviews too. Last year Indeed surpassed Monster and currently gets about 334 million pageviews per month. According to Techcrunch, CareerBuilder gets 311 pageviews per month, while Monster garners 205 million.

Indeed also has more job search pageviews, with a total of 305 million, which is more than CareerBuilder and Monster combined.

While Monster and CareerBuilder offer a spate of career mapping tools, resume builders, and other job search accessories to keep the job seeker interested, these may not be the ultimate drivers of traffic. As the Techcrunch article states, “But the growth of Indeed once again suggests the power of search can trump everything else.”


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