Jibe launches publicly as next-generation job board

Jibe, a next-generation job board, announced its public launch yesterday. The site, which leverages Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect job seekers to the most relevant opportunities, has been in private beta since March.

On the Jibe homepage, users can sign in via Facebook Connect or LinkedIn. The platform will then cull work and education history from Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter profiles. The data is pre-populated into the appropriate fields.

When job seekers come across postings, information between the posting and the user’s profile on Jibe is compared to reveal common connections. Jibe members can then direct message the connection and ask for a referral or advice on how to land the job.

While it doesn’t technically cost money for job seekers to apply for jobs, they need to first earn Jibe credits. These can be obtained by linking their Jibe account to their social network profiles, sending direct messages to connections, updating their work history, or announcing their job search to other friends. But if the user does not have time to gather credits, $5 buys 500 credits.

On the employer side, posting jobs are free, but to reveal hidden profiles, employers must pay $15 per applicant. Unlocking hidden profiles is promoted as a contest, since job seekers with the most ‘reveals’ will be featured on a leaderboard.

An article on Techcrunch says that Jibe, which is incubated in Dogpatch Labs in New York City, closed an $875,000 seed round led by Polaris Venture Partners (which runs Dogpatch Labs) with Lerer Media Ventures, Zelkova Ventures, Jason Calacanis, and Josh and Jared Kushner participating in the round.

Jibe used the funding to hire veterans of the recruiting industry, including their new Director of Enterprise Sales, Lisa Kloster, who came from TheLadders.


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