Job postings up 40% year-over-year, says Indeed

Industry job postings were up 40 percent year-over-year and have ballooned an average of 5 percent per month in 2010, according to’s Industry Employment Trends.

The Employment Trends are a monthly indicator on the job market.

Minus education and healthcare, every industry had strong quarterly job posting growth in November

When benchmarking industries, Indeed found that the healthcare and information technology industries had the least amount of competition for jobs among the 12 major industries tracked. With 14 job seeker clicks per posting, healthcare showed 26 percent less competition than information technology, which clocked 19 clicks per posting.

Media and newspaper boasted the most competition for jobs last month, with 49 clicks per job posting. Construction had the second most competition for jobs, with 40 clicks per posting.

After increasing for four consecutive months, Industry Employment Trends show that combined total job postings for the 12 major industries declined slightly in November, less than 1 percent.


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