Job search organizer JobPad launches

JobPad, an online job search and management tool, kicked off its official launch today with a deal to draw in members.

The platform, which allows job searches across multiple job boards and corporate career sites and centralizes job seekers’ user queries, notes, correspondence, resumes and related documents, said in a news release that it’s giving away a year of free access.

Job seekers have one month to take advantage of the savings.

“JobPad delivers what every job seeker requires,” said Gopal Vemuri, founder and president of JobPad, “Which is a ubiquitous, online and always-organized desktop for job search documents and details. Recent data from, an online career management site for job seekers and recruiters, says that job seekers spend 47.9 hours per month searching for job positions online. They spend another 43.6 hours applying for job positions.”

Vemuri continued, “It can be confusing and time consuming to figure out what you’ve applied for and when. JobPad simplifies the process by giving job seekers one place and one tool to manage their entire job search, from accessing the job listings and applying for specific jobs to knowing what resume and cover letters were uploaded and submitted to specific job or corporate sites. Clearly, job seekers need a streamlined and systematic approach to their job search.”

When utilizing the platform, job seekers can also maintain a Job Log, set goals and reminders, and send notifications to personal and business contacts through FaceBook and LinkedIn.

JobPad’s JobClipper enables a job seeker to submit an application, take a snapshot of that application, and then name and file it online.


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