Jobfox launches ‘Break Through’

Jobfox, an online network of matchable professionals, yesterday announced ‘Break Through,’ an online service that matches job seekers to previously hidden and unadvertised jobs on company websites, social networks, and other job sites.

Jobfox said the service is a break through because according to their research, 85 percent of available jobs are not advertised to the general public, forcing job seekers to spend a significant amount of time chasing a small fraction of available jobs on job sites.

Break Through unlocks those hidden opportunities by matching individuals to openings on 14,000 company home pages, 100,000 daily Twitter job postings, and more than 1,000 major online job sites.

“It would take more hours than job seekers have in the day to track down all of the jobs from all of the online sources that Break Through places at their fingertips,” said Rob McGovern, Chairman and CEO, Jobfox. “Backed by powerful search and matching technology, Break Through, in just a few short months, has proven to be a true ‘breakthrough’ for the thousands of users getting hired 72 percent faster than the national average, and we believe it will be game-changer for the market.”

In addition to gaining access to unadvertised vacancies, Break Through users can identify LinkedIn and Facebook connections with links to postings. To optimize their social network presence, they can also create a social network ‘about me’ page to selectively exhibit to employers. The page, which can be used for references or sales leads, will be visible to employers conducting background searches online.

Pricing for Break Through varies and starts at $10 a month.

  • jeff d. October 20, 2010, 8:55 pm

    assuming this works, appears to be a great way for the recruitment space to take advantage of what’s taking place with social media.

  • Linda October 21, 2010, 9:18 pm

    This looks like their Advantage membership which was expensive and did nothing. I am not sure seekers are too keen on spending $$ at Jobfox knowing the “About Me” page is a tool for background checking.
    Also, I got an email from Rob McGovern several months ago offering me a 1 cent membership for the service (for one month only and then it was $39.99) along with a resume re-write that would cost me a total of over $200. Not sure why it’s being “introduced” now.
    “thousands of users getting hired 72 percent faster than the national average”? Not sure about that either. Guess time will tell.


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