Jobfox, a social recruiting solution, said today it is unveiling a slew of social media features intended to increase the site’s referral and job-sharing power.

In addition to referral tools already in place, Jobfox added an automated skills-matching “Network Builder” plus LinkedIn and Facebook integration.

In a news release, Jobfox said that while it was founded back in 2005, it relaunched in February 2011 with a new tag line and recruiting solutions.

It now works by incorporating a “high-volume, high-speed” social recruiting solution, called Jobfox Boost, that automates the process of building private networks to recruit and source from.

The newest features include:

Network Builder. This new feature utilizes Jobfox’s Match algorithm to recommend candidates that employers should based on skills and experience.

LinkedIn Integration. Now employers can invite all of their LinkedIn connections into their Jobfox network with one click.

Facebook Integration. When members of a recruiter’s network receive a job referral (“Boost Request”) from a recruiter, the member can now post it to their Facebook wall or send a Facebook message with one click to friends.

“Our networking tools are producing impressive results in the market, and the company is picking up a lot of steam,” said Robert McGovern, chairman and CEO of Jobfox. “Our networking activity has experienced 500% growth in the last two months, with a quarter of a million job seeker requests per week already. This new product update will enhance activity among employers and candidates who are hungry for a better talent/job finding solution.”


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