Jobfox wins “Hottest Company in DC” award

Social networking career site JobFox announced today it has been given Lead411’s 2011 “Hottest Companies in DC Area” award.

The annual “hot list” was born from Lead411’s analysis of standout companies in the D.C. area, especially those who have received significant funding or achieved measured growth.

To qualify for the award, a company must be privately-held and a member of the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industries. Additionally, the company must also have a 100% increase in revenues for the past two years, or they must have acquired more than $2 million in funding for the same time frame.

Lead411, a corporate data resource website, said it looks at companies in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area before selecting winners. Employees pore over business articles, company launches, venture capital fundings, office openings, press releases and more.

JobFox was selected because it is “the largest website dedicated to social recruiting and career networking, having experienced 500% network growth in just the past 60 days,” according to a news release.

Jobfox was among 43 D.C. area companies who made this year’s Hottest Tech Companies list.

“Lead411’s hot list is a who’s who of trailblazing companies,” said Jobfox CEO Robert McGovern. “Our patented process of connecting job seekers and recruiters has been designed to revolutionize the way professionals network and find jobs, and we’re honored that Jobfox has been recognized as a tech company to watch.”


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