.jobs domain expansion approved – ideas encouraged

The expansion of the .jobs domain to include location- and profession-specific URLs has been approved by ICANN. “We’re very pleased with the decision rendered by the ICANN Board,” said Tom Embrescia, chairman of Employ Media.

The decision by ICANN, which had been opposed by many job boards, recruiters, and associations, allows Employ Media, the domain registrar for .jobs, to proceed with its planned allocation of  the domains.  The allocation plan has three facets:

  1. Employ Media will first accept proposals for the now-approved geographic, occupational, and other address names that previously were unavailable. Neither the nature of the RFP nor the selection criteria is specified.
  2. Names not assigned through the RFP process may be auctioned off.
  3. Any remaining names will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Employ Media also announced that it is seeking ‘high level business concepts‘ for using the domain. “We’re particularly interested in hearing ideas comprising a bulk number of domains,” said Tom Embrescia, chairman of Employ Media.

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