Considering the thousands and thousands of job boards active on the web, it may come as a surprise to discover that there are few job search management tools available.

Jobspeaker, a site that launched beta this month, is hoping to become the go-to resource for job seekers. After installing the Jobspeaker FireFox Add-on, job seekers can save, rate, track, and takes note on any job they apply for or come across on the web. This establishes a single point of access for all jobs, instead having to visit job boards one at a time. In addition, the Jobspeaker tools enable users to prioritize opportunities based on their relevance.

A sharing function lets job seekers email or tweet jobs to friends and colleagues with just a couple clicks. Besides job posting management, users can rank and track recruiters, employers, and job boards.

Employers and recruiters will have the opportunity to present their company to users and also to comment on remarks and ratings made by job seekers. The site says these services are not yet available, so it is unclear if this is monetizing aspect of Jobspeaker.

The point of all these tools, the Jobspeaker team says, is to ‘remove the information barriers from the recruiting business.”

Jobspeaker was developed by Jarlath O’Carroll, a graduate of the London Business School and the current Technology Product Innovator at Oisin in San Fransisco. According to the Jobspeaker blog, O’Carroll got the idea to start the site after becoming another lay-off casualty of the recession.

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  • Jarlath @jobspeaker August 30, 2010, 7:12 am

    Hi Vanessa,

    Thanks for the kind remarks – we continue to develop our services for users in order to help job seekers manage their job search. We are glad you liked what you saw so far and hope you’ll check back with us again.


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