Kenexa and eQuest release details on partnership

Kenexa, a global provider of business solutions for human resources, today announced details of its new partnership with eQuest, a job posting distributor.

Under the new collaboration, eQuest’s posting delivery services will be incorporated with Kenexa’s recruitment technology software. eQuest currently manages job posting transaction deliveries for over 20,000 global companies. Kenexa’s clients can tap into eQuest’s network of domestic and international sites.

In addition, eQuest will provide Kenexa 2x BrassRing(TM) and Kenexa 2x Recruit(TM) customers with job posting distribution to any global job board.

Rudy Karsan, Chief Executive Officer, Kenexa, commented, “We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive recruiting solutions that help companies achieve optimal recruiting and hiring results. With the integration of eQuest’s job posting capabilities, we are furthering our extreme service promise. We look forward to demonstrating how our recruitment technology HR software, which we continually enhance through offerings like eQuest’s, can improve key business outcomes and increase ROI.”

Sean Luitjens, eQuest’s Vice President of Business Development, said, “Kenexa’s current and prospective clients are investing more aggressively in their brands again, so it’s imperative that Kenexa have a well-respected industry leader with an intimate understanding of the job posting market in place. By leveraging eQuest’s extensive range of solutions, companies can now achieve a greater agility and responsiveness to their ever-changing hiring needs.”


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