Kenexa and GreenJobInterview team up

Kenexa, a provider of business solutions for human resources, today said it is expanding its media capabilities by aligning with GreenJobInterview, a company that provides live virtual interviews.

Face-to-face interviews that require a person to get in their car or take a plane are costly and taxing on the environment. GreenJobInterview offers an alternative that requires only software and a few mouse clicks.

As part of the collaboration, Kenexa will now by integrating GreenJobInterview’s virtual video solution into their applicant management platform Kenexa 2x BrassRing.

Derek Bluestone, Kenexa’s vice president of Product Marketing, said, “The ability to reduce time-to-hire remains one of the biggest competitive differentiators for hiring companies. By scheduling virtual interviews instead of waiting to coordinate in-person meetings, more candidates can be qualified and advanced to hiring managers for final approval. Live virtual interviews also provide an excellent opportunity for hiring organizations to promote their employment brands as progressive, innovative and environmentally conscious.”

The interviews are a secure, browser-based solution. Instead of traveling across the country or driving through hours of traffic, candidates can meet with hiring managers on the same day without a lot of preparation, while managers can get through higher volumes of candidates remotely.

Greg Rokos, president of, said, “Clients can brand their virtual interview websites with their company’s logo, palette and messaging. Our alliance with Kenexa supports their commitment to delivering world-class employment branding services to their clients, as well as aligns with their focus on being an environmentally responsible organization.”


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