Kronos creates fatigue management tool

Kronos Inc., a provider of workforce management solutions, has teamed up with CIRCADIAN, a research, consulting and technology firm, to offer airlines a fatigue and alertness module, according to an article published today.

The module, which will be offered by the Kronos AD OPT division, will be fully integrated with its market-leading airline crew planning, management, and optimization solutions.

As reason for development of the model, Kronos cites research that shows how the airline industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in the way it applies work limits and rest requirements. It is now moving toward fatigue risk management-based regulations, which prevent fatigue risks by using physiological models rather than defining hard limits on work and rest.

In addition, the need for fatigue risk management systems increased in the U.S. with President Obama signing the H.R. 5900, the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Extension Act into law on August 1, 2010. This mandates all commercial air carriers to develop a FAA-acceptable Fatigue Risk Management Plan by October 31, 2010.

The module works by creating automated, optimized schedules for cabin and cockpit crewmembers, taking into consideration the organization’s operational objectives. An integration with CIRCADIAN’s alertness simulator tool will enable Kronos to send the schedules to CIRCADIAN for fatigue risk evaluation in real-time.

CIRCADIAN’s Alertness Simulator will then conduct root cause analysis and investigation of fatigue. The end-user will be able to view the data displayed on the Kronos application without having to switch systems. This will enable crew planners to determine acceptable levels of the crew’s fatigue and develop schedules that will further enhance the safety of passengers.

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, chief executive officer, CIRCADIAN, said, “By teaming with Kronos AD OPT, we can provide airlines with a world-class fatigue risk management solution: one that is seamlessly integrated with Kronos’ crew scheduling software and that meets the new regulatory requirements.”


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