Kronos rolls out Bluesocket’s vWLAN

Kronos Inc., a provider of workforce management solutions, said today it is collaborating with Bluesocket, a provider of secure wireless networks for large enterprise customers.

The partnership will enable Kronos to roll out vWLAN(R), which brings the power of virtualization to the WLAN.

When it comes to wireless networks, Kronos Inc. said in a news release that security is of the highest importance, along with wireless connectivity, which prompted Kronos to secure Bluesocket’s services.

The vWLAN solution will enable a global transition to 802.11n and away from a controller-based solution.

According to Bluesocket, Kronos will now have security enforcement at the access point. In addition, one virtualized instance of the control function can support all of Kronos’ access points worldwide.

“We needed a solution that would allow us to upgrade to 802.11n technology, accommodate the proliferation of devices hitting out network, and allow expansion cost-effectively and efficiently across remote sites,” said Douglas Tamasanis, senior director of IT at Kronos.

Tamasanis continued, “Our remote office staff can authenticate at the edge of the network and the access point becomes the controller without having to send additional traffic back. This is ideal for security, ease of management and a seamless user experience. This is just one of the integrated features that vWLAN offers. We are excited about the potential of this new technology.”

Kronos services customers in 60 countries and employs 3,000 globally. The deployment of Bluesocket ensures that unwanted traffic never enters the LAN.

“With Bluesocket vWLAN in place, Kronos will never have to buy another expensive WLAN controller nor will Kronos be subject to the scale constraints of a WLAN controller,” stated Chris Koeneman, vice president of sales and marketing at Bluesocket. “Virtualization is a beautiful thing.”


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