LinkedIn launches career mapping tool for students

Professional networking site LinkedIn has announced a new career mapping tool exclusively for students in collaboration with PwC US, a large employer of college graduates.

The tool, called Career Explorer, enables students to chart potential career paths using data-driven insights. Students can strengthen their professional networks with valuable connections and plot out their careers using aggregate paths that other LinkedIn users with similar jobs have taken.

Students can save and create multiple career paths, discover other relevant opportunities, sort through salary information, and uncover education and experience required for different jobs. They can also reach out to other LinkedIn users who could enhance their career.

When students use the tool to ‘follow’ potential employers, they will receive updates about the company in their news feed. The updates include job postings at the company as well as notifications when people get hired or leave the company.

Career Explorer is free and but is only available for students at 60 universities that are currently tied to PwC. Students enrolled at those 60 schools will see a “Career Explorer” link under the “Jobs” menu at the top of the screen when they sign in to LinkedIn. The availability of Career Explorer will be expanded to a broader LinkedIn membership over time.

“PwC and LinkedIn share the goal of helping young professionals maximize career opportunities,” said Bob Moritz, US chairman and senior partner, PwC.  “Our collaboration has produced an innovative resource that engages people with PwC in a way that personalizes our brand while also helping them make more informed career decisions.”

“LinkedIn is about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale.  Career Explorer is the latest example of how we make that possible by providing one of our fastest growing demographics, students and recent college graduates, unique and valuable insights enabling them to develop the optimal career path,” said Jeff Weiner, chief executive officer of LinkedIn. “We’re excited to be launching this product in partnership with PwC, one of the largest and most forward thinking recruiters of new graduates.”


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