Linkedin reaches 100 million milestone

Professional networking site LinkedIn has acquired 100 million members, it announced last week.

The site is now clocking about one million new LinkedIn members every week, the equivalent of a professional joining the site at one member per second.

“This isn’t just a big milestone for us — it’s also an important one for all of you, our members, who’ve helped build the LinkedIn network,” LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said in a blog. “We’re most inspired that by connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale, we’re changing people’s lives in meaningful and sustainable ways. Each of our 100 million members has a unique story — from finding a job, to recruiting talent, to sourcing new deals, and even starting a business.”

Weiner said big global growth is also fueling memberships. LinkedIn is used in over 200 countries and territories around the world, with more than half of the users coming from outside of the U.S.

Last year’s year-over-year growth in Brazil is 428 percent. Mexico, India, and France are trailing with growth rates of 178 percent, 76 percent, and 72 percent, respectively.

Said Weiner, “You no longer have to live in the same city — or even the same country — to build and strengthen relationships that can help you succeed and grow professionally and fundamentally transform the trajectory of your career path.”

CNET reports that 20 percent of LinkedIn’s members are in the service industry, while 9 percent of users are in the “high-tech” sector. Apple, Amazon, eBay, and Cisco are among the “most represented companies on its site.”


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