Monster acquires third patent for search technology

Monster Worldwide announced Friday that its flagship brand has received a notice of allowance of what will be its third patent for its 6Sense Semantic Search technology.

The 6Sense Semantic Search technology, launched near the end of last year, powers Monster Power Resume Search, Candidate Spotlight, and Seeker Job Search and will be also be integrated into many upcoming products. Company reps say the technology has been a key driver of new sales and business growth.

Developed through Monster’s 2008 acquisition of search leader Trovix Inc., 6Sense utilizes intuitive, concept based searching, with a human-like understanding of the recruiting process and hiring needs. The 6Sense precision matching technology understands job titles, skills, experience level, industries, education and the hierarchy of concepts.

While traditional keyword search engines are limited in their ability to distinguish concepts and meanings of words and cannot address things like recent vs. dated experience, 6Sense technology can contextually interpret the meaning behind words and concepts rather than relying on the narrow, literal meaning of keywords.

“Technology has enabled various sourcing possibilities, but these sources are only as effective as their ability to deliver precision matches,” said Darko Dejanovic, Global CIO and head of product for Monster Worldwide. “This multi-patented recognition reinforces that our semantic search will continue to be the cornerstone in a broader strategy to bring increased efficiency, transform the recruiting process and grow our business.


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