Job board released a statement on Friday blasting LinkedIn’s decision to cut off API access to select developers, including Monster’s new BeKnown professional networking app for Facebook.

A rep for Monster said:

We are surprised and disappointed by LinkedIn’s decision, which we believe not only goes against the interests of LinkedIn users, but also contradicts what LinkedIn claims to stand for — openness and connectivity. Professional networkers are social in nature and LinkedIn has just limited their ability to connect when and where they want. They’ve taken away users’ rights to control how and when they can share their own profile data and personal contacts. We also note that it was within days of Monster’s launch of BeKnown that LinkedIn decided to block the API when there have been other networking-oriented apps using the API for months.

On Monday Monster launched BeKnown, a professional networking app designed to allow Facebook users to establish a professional network distinct from their friends.

Shortly thereafter, LinkedIn moved to block API access to Monster’s BeKnown, career network BranchOut, brand management app, Mixtent, which helps manage one’s professional reputation, and the resume service Daxtra.

According to, LinkedIn said BeKnown, Mixtent and were blocked from LinkedIn’s API because they were using it to send promotional messages, which means profiting from access to its API, a violation of TOS. LinkedIn said since BeKnown was also charging for enterprise services that relied on the API, it was in effect charging for access to LinkedIn content.


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