Monster gets into the Christmas spirit

Monster has launched a new holiday promotion in partnership with ad agency BBDO, according to an article posted today on

The job board has created the Holiday Harmonizer, an app that allows you to write or sing a holiday greeting and sent it as a card. Auto-tuning is optional.

You can also upload a photo of yourself onto an image of a party-goer sporting a bad holiday sweater.

While the Holiday Harmonizer has little to nothing to do with jobs, Mashable writes that Monster isn’t concerned with finding a common theme between jobs and the holiday greeting.

OfficeMax barely tried to make a connection with their own products when it launched Elf Yourself, an animated sketch that allows you to upload photos of yourself and friends.

“We definitely pride ourselves on being in the inspiration business,” Jeff Greenler, Monster’s vice president of global marketing told Mashable. “We wanted to do something that was shareable and fun and a little off the beaten path.”

Greenler assures readers that Monster is still within their brand identity.

The app is gaining in popularity and has been downloaded about 10,000 times.

According to Mashable, to advertise the week-old app, Monster has been contacting its members and customers via e-mail. The hope is that the app will be shared via social channels and give the site some new earned media.


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