Monster launches LinkedIn rival

Job board announced today it is boosting its social media presence through a new app called BeKnown, which enables Facebook users to make professional connections that are distinct from their friends.

The app is already being labeled a LinkedIn competitor, as it allows users to import LinkedIn data found within their profiles.

The app piggybacks on Facebook’s widespread use and and provides a familiar user interface for those more comfortable within those famous blue borders.

Facebook has almost 700 million users across a broad demographic, while LinkedIn boasts 100 million mainly professional users.

According to PersonnelToday, which previewed the app, users on Facebook will be able to invite contacts from other social networks to expand their BeKnown network beyond their existing Facebook friends. They can see which of their professional contacts is connected to a company or job opportunity they are interested in.

Users can also import their Monster profile to BeKnown and search for jobs from within the app.

Next month Monster said it plans on launching a complementary social referral program that will give users cash rewards for successfully referring friends to jobs.

Employers will be able to claim a profile in BeKnown, which users will also be able to follow, and be alerted to new job opportunities as they become available.

“BeKnown answers the need and challenge in the marketplace for people to build their professional networks on Facebook while keeping personal and work-related contacts completely separate,” said Darko Dejanovic, head of product at Monster Worldwide.

According to, BeKnown launched as a pilot project on Saturday in 35 countries and 19 languages. Monster plans to take several months to refine the application before making it available to the general public.


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