Monster launches niche site Return2Home

In order to connect prospecting employers with Indians returning home for good, announced today it has launched Return2Home.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the site helps non-resident Indians, or NRIs, connect with India-based firms that “are open to looking at talent outside,” says Sanjay Modi, managing director for Monster’s India, Middle East & South East Asia operations.

The number of job postings on the site is small, around 175, but that number is expected to increase in line with growing interest. In fact, Monster said an internal survey of Monster India found that a large portion of its job seeker traffic was coming from applicants outside of India.

At the end of 2010, MonsterIndia reportedly had 250,000 resumes from these expatriate candidates.

These large numbers were the impetus behind Return2Home, in addition to an increasing movement of Indians living abroad wanting to return home.

Modi told the WSJ that these job-seekers are mainly from sectors like information technology, banking and finance, construction and oil and gas, and half of them have more than six years working experience.

Companies who have begun posting on the site include software firm Tata Consultancy Services, engineering firm ABB and Novartis Healthcare.


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