Monster to power SXSW hiring initiatives, a job matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc., announced this week that it will be overseeing the SXSW hiring hub, a partnership that will result in several initiatives aimed at matching qualified individuals with employers at the popular music and conference festival.

Monster teamed up with Austin-based South-by-Southwest to launch hiring resources on March 4, which will include a location-based job search with location tracking powered by Gowalla, a virtual job board and a job seeker networking meet-up in conjunction with Monster’s physical hiring hub booth presence on the Trade Show floor.

Here are some features to expect from the collaboration:

– The official SXSW Hiring Hub on the Trade Show floor will allow SXSW attendees to search jobs at and to explore Monster’s new mobile apps and additional Monster career tools, all while offering attendees some one-on-one time with Monster’s career experts. Attendees will have the chance to engage with a multi-touch interactive wall, take part in an Augmented Reality in Stereoscopic 3D experience, and enter to win an iPad.

– Location-based job search. Monster is teaming up with Gowalla to provide five industry-specific job trips that allow attendees to see where the jobs are at SXSW. Each trip is dedicated to one industry and takes the user on a tour of relevant booths of specific employers who are currently hiring in that industry. Industries represented include interactive, music/film, engineering and editorial. At the end of each trip, attendees can earn exclusive Passport Stamps, and once participants have collected five Passport Stamps they can swing by the SXSW Hiring Hub to collect a prize. To access the Monster Gowalla trips, please go to:

– Meet-Up with – The Best Talent Wins. Monster will be hosting a seeker/ employer networking meet-up on Monday, March 14 from 3:00pm-4:00pm at the Meet-Up Pavilion. The meet-up will feature customers and career experts.

– Rewards for Positive Actions with DailyFeats. Monster recently teamed up with DailyFeats, the online social platform where people share and earn rewards for their positive actions, to own the career portion of their platform. SXSW conference attendees can explore the world of positive actions unlocked by DailyFeats, and use them to navigate all the good things converging on Austin, including special one-time-only SXSW feats like !inspired@SXSW and !network@SXSW.

“We approached to collaborate with us to truly enhance our exhibitors’ job search needs and are really excited about Monster’s ability to match talent with opportunity, providing an added value to all of our SXSW attendees,” said Katie King, SXSW Interactive Account Executive. “Monster is a leader when it comes to innovative job search technology, mobile apps and career advice tools, making them a natural collaborator for SXSW.”

According to its website, SXSW is a destination for discovery, offering a unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. Taking place in Austin, Texas from March 11-20, 2011, SXSW also presents a unique opportunity for some of the world’s best talent to connect with thousands of opportunities in dozens of creative and technical fields.

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  • Employment for Felons Finder March 8, 2011, 4:53 pm

    Great post and for anyone in the Austin area who wants to make some quick cash and have a blast doing it, SXSW is a great opportunity. It’s good to see that Monster is stepping up and taking the initiative. I have attended and worked SWSW and it is going to be another great year and a chance to make money. Who knows, if you impress a club manager or owner, you may find work beyond the festival.


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