Recent reports by eQuest and Monster suggest that both the volume of job postings and spending on recruitment advertising have sharply increased during the last 6 months.

eQuest, a distributor of job postings for larger employers, shows a 91% increase in online recruitment spending versus the same time period a year ago, based on a survey of 100 customers. During the same date range job postings also increased by 76% from the previous year.

Also bolstering the eQuest report is new data from Monster, a major job site, that shows a 16% increase in online job availability from May 2009 to May 2010. This represents the highest year over year growth for Monster’s index since April 2007.

On college campuses, there has been a concurrent rise in recruiting for full-time jobs – up 38% at accredited MBA programs in the U.S. and Europe. Three-fifths of the schools also report more job postings, a significant change from 2009.

Not surprisingly given the above indicators, unemployment fell in 37 states during May. In a separate report, employers nationwide expect to increase their workforce by 6%.


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