MyJobGroup kicks off hiring spree, a network of regional job boards in the UK, said today it is creating 20 new jobs that will be based out of its headquarters in Sheffield.

The company cited record web traffic as reasons for the expansion, along with a burgeoning number of candidate applications.

Experienced people are needed for sales, IT, and finance departments at MyJobGroup, but a spokesperson for the company said all divisions are hiring.

Geraldine Finn, Managing Director of, said, “We are delighted to announce the creation of 20 jobs as we continue our expansion and the boost that this will bring to the local economy. That we are able to announce jobs growth is testament to our philosophy of ‘local is better’ when it comes to sourcing the ideal candidate. Employers have increasingly recognized how our regionalized job sites speed up and economize their recruitment process and are turning to as a result.” operates over 300 regional job boards and has been in business for five years. The company said in a news release that it remains confident about growth and that it continues to capitalize on job market surges in the UK. called MyJobGroup “the UK’s fastest growing network of regional job sites” in a recent article.


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