Blog, a people search service, said it is registering more members than professional networking site LinkedIn and Twitter.

The company claims to have brought in 2.4 million new members in October 2010, nearly one per second, and also said unique visitors have increased 80% year-over-year to 26 million. This brings MyLife’s total number of registered users to 41 million, primarily U.S. adults 35 years and older.

MyLife provided additional stats, including: nearly twice the people available to be found in the United States vs. Facebook (116 million U.S.); and more profiles than Twitter and LinkedIn combined (17 million and 32 million U.S., respectively).

MyLife also boasts about 1.2 billion total worldwide records.

The key to their success, the company said, is growth strategy, including promoting new vertical search categories.

“It’s easy to lump connections sites into one big ‘social network’ bucket, but MyLife’s focus on robust people search services and dedicated verticals makes us different. We connect people for valuable reasons – dating, job seeking, hiring and reconnections that are worthy of subscription,” said Jeff Tinsley, CEO of MyLife. “General social networks are great for keeping in touch and sharing photos of your vacation, but our goal is to make important introductions that help members meet real needs for the benefit of their lives.”


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